Recycled Computer Parts Keychain – Geeky and Eco-Friendly Gift

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To view this you are using a circuit board of one kind or another, however have you ever seen one in real life? Printed circuit boards (PCBs) are in everything from phones and pc’s to an ATM or washing machine, controlling the electronics of life ????. These upcycled keyrings are awesome gifts for anyone, each computer keyring is unique to make your keys stand out from the crowd! New RAM and Processor keyrings. These are the brains of your computer, storing quick memory and processing all of the information, amazing electronics! Each processor has over 731 million transistors in each keyring, a true piece of modern history hanging from your keys. These sell fast however are back in stock! If you have any questions regarding this item, please hit the “Ask a Question” button next to the price and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Bulk orders are possible (more than 20 keyrings), please contact me. I have previously made large (200+ keyring) orders when I have material available – or I am happy for you to supply your own boards.


This keychain is made from recycled computer parts, such as processors, RAM, and circuit boards. It is a geeky and eco-friendly gift for anyone who loves technology, computers, or gaming. Each keychain is unique and has a different color, shape, and pattern depending on the type of computer part used. The keychain is attached to a metal ring and measures about 2 inches (5 cm) long. It comes in a gift box with a ribbon, ready to be given to your loved one on Valentine’s Day or any other occasion.

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4 reviews for Recycled Computer Parts Keychain – Geeky and Eco-Friendly Gift

  1. Sean MacRae

    Thanks again Chris for sending 2 different processor keyrings. Arrived really quickly. Absolutely love them. Gave one to my father who’s a computer engineer and he loves it as well 🙂

  2. Amy Whiteley

    I love this product so much! bought it for my fiancé after buying him one previously but it ended up getting nicked sadly. he loved it so much that I had to buy him another! fast service and delivery, he loves it so much!

  3. Cayden Feese

    Never received the package so I can’t speak the the quality yet. Edit on the way though! His customer service however is incredible. He saw my previous review and reached out to me and offered to replace it. That means a lot.

  4. Aakash

    It is what I expected. However, I got the CPU which has a minor chipping on the edge and the face plate is a little scratched up, apart from this it is a CPU keychain.

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